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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Contact us if you have any further questions.

  • What is The Fairy Cottage?

    The Fairy Cottage is a magical children’s party venue for special birthday celebrations.  It’s also where Ruby Rainbow the Fairy lives amongst the humans. Ruby Rainbow is fascinated by the things she finds in human land and uses them to decorate the fairy cottage. Some items are kept in a special treasure box and she hopes little human visitors will teach her what they are called and used for?

  • What's included in a party package?

    A Fairy Cottage birthday is specifically designed with the birthday child becoming an honorary Fairy on their special day. There will all kinds of wonderful surprises in store to help your child find their own unique fairy talent and inner magic. 

  • Magical package inclusions:

    Professional Entertainer to host the entire event

    Special personalised invitation in the mail with a fairy friendship key (birthday child)

    Exclusive use of the Fairy Cottage for the duration of your party

    A fantastical ‘Room of Enchantment’ for entertainment

    Delicious party food and beverages

    Singing of “happy birthday” (you provide the cake) 

    A dash of glittery rainbow cheek art

    Woodland themed dining room with quality party ware

    One of a kind photoboard  prop painted by renowned perth Artist Jessica Batten

    Bespoke table centerpieces and decorations

    Birthday wishing and Fairy Crowning ceremony

    Keepsake Fairy gift for the birthday child

    Bubble machine with a gazillion bubbles

    Unique games and traditional games – e.g “pass the treasure box”

    Fairy prizes/ gifts for all children attending

    Interactive storytelling

    Wish making

    Magic tricks

    Happy the Unicorn and Lou Lou the lamb (puppetry)

    Dancing e.g. Fairy freeze, limbo or conga

    Singalongs with ukulele

    Musical instruments

    Colouring in activity (time permitting)

    Free Tea and coffee in parents waiting room

    Free parking

    Bathroom available on site

    Cleanup and sanitisation of venue

  • What age are parties suitable for?

    Packages are suitable for children aged 4 years and older but smaller children can definitely be catered for also. 

  • How long does a Fairy Cottage birthday last?

    ​Fairy Cottage birthdays are typically 90 minutes in duration 

  • How many children can attend a birthday?

    We don’t have a minimum number of children but we currently have a maximum number of up to 12 children including the birthday child seated or 15 children picnic style.  We charge a flat rate for our venue so there are no cheaper options if you have a small group of children attending.

  • Can siblings attend?

    Siblings of the birthday child can attend but will need to be counted in the numbers. Siblings of guests should not attend unless they are counted in the 12 children and have a place booked. 

  • Are Fairy Cottage parties suitable for boys?

    Absolutely!  All the party activities and games are designed to be inclusive for everyone and boys have been known to enjoy themselves even more than the girls!!

  • Does the birthday child receive any special gifts?

    The birthday child receives a special friendship key in the mail, a fairy crown and a special keepsake gift to take home to treasure always

  • Are there any gifts or prizes for the guests?

    Little guests receive a small fairy gift to take home and there are also sweets or chocolates as prizes for games

  • Is food included?

    Yes, all party food and beverages are included. The menu has been carefully selected with all the party favourites!  Meals are freshly prepared using the highest quality of ingredients. Dairy and gluten free options are also available. 

  • Where do the children eat?

    The children dine seated in the ‘Woodland Room’.  Themed party ware,  beautiful fairy centerpieces, mushroom stools and decorations compliment the theme. 

  • Can we bring our own food and drink for a Birthday?

    Unfortunately due to our insurance outside food and drink is not permitted. You may bring your own cake and candles if you wish. 

  • What do I need to bring to the birthday?

    Literally everything is provided except for the cake including decorations, partyware entertainment, music, food,  beverages and face painting. Even the dreaded clean-up is taken care of for you.  You walk in and out completely STRESS FREE! 

  • What do you wear?

    We want children to be comfortable and have the most amazing time so they may wear anything that will help them to enjoy the experience! If they’d like to dress up in fairy attire this is definitely encouraged but superheros, princess, rainbow dress, elves, mermaid costumes, normal clothes or even pyjamas are ALL welcomed. 

  • Can we take photos?

    Yes absolutely, please do! It’s so important to capture fairy special moments at birthdays. Our favourite photos spots are; in front of the butterfly wall in the entry, the rocking chair in the ‘Room of enchantment’ and by the fairy tree in the front garden.

  • What times and days are parties available?

    Parties are available at 10am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm 7 days a week. If you are interested in another time slots please let us know! 

  • Do I need to book?

    Yes. All visits must be booked in advance via our contact page. We also need a minimum of 7 days’ notice to send your child’s invitation by post.

  • How do I make a booking?

    Please fill out a contact for to check availability for your chosen date and we’ll get back to you with a quote and confirmation.

  • How do I pay and when do I need to pay by?

    All payments must be made via bank transfer. The balance needs to be transferred to our account no later than 7 days before the date of your party.

  • Are there any cafes nearby?

    There is a café on Morrison road and other cafes in the Midland area such as Dome on Cale Street.

  • What if we have the cancel our booking?

    Fairy Cottage deposits are non-refundable. Should you need to cancel or if your booking is cancelled or postponed, you will receive a credit of which you can use for a future party (dependant on availability). Please note a minimum of 10 days is required for all cancellations

  • Where is the Fairy Cottage Located?

    The cottage is located in Swan View. The exact location is sent out once your booking is confirmed.

  • Is parking available at the venue

    Yes, you may park in the driveway or on the verge area of the grass. There is also plenty of street parking also.

  • Is there are bathroom?

    Yes, there is a private bathroom at the back of the cottage

  • Do adults stay with the children?

    We recommend fewer adults attend wherever possible to give the children the most magical experience. Whilst we want everyone to have fun, too many grownups can create a lot of background noise and detract the children’s focus, taking away the special intimate moments of the magic

    The parents of the birthday child may stay in waiting room and can join us when food is served in the ‘Woodland Room’ and pop into the room of enchantment to take photos if they wish. There is also seating available on the verandah. Parents of little (shyer) guests may stay in the waiting areas so that your child knows you are close by but space is limited. There is free tea and coffee in the parent’s room for you to enjoy.